Privileges of Nur Mansions;


  • İDEAL YAPI/İDL YAPI Experience and other implemented projects
  • Immediate Title Deed Delivery
  • Top Construction Speed


  • Qualified Construction Materials and Equipment
  • Qualified Workmanship
  • Emphasis placed on details and solution approach
  • Building fabrication with advanced technology methods
  • Strength, Earthquake Resistance
  • Specialized and Experienced project and application team
  • Compliance with National and International Specifications, Directives and Standards


  • Safe Estate Living
  • Smart Building Technology
  • Swimming Pool
  • Children`s Playgrounds
  • Indoor Parking Lot
  • Flat types with balconies or gardens, all at premium comfort
  • Simple and Net in-flat solutions
  • Energy saving solutions (heat insulation, share-meters, etc.)
  • Fiber optic communication solutions drawn up all the way into the flats
  • Experienced and Competent Estate Management


  • Offering a different living culture with respect to functions
  • Adding value to its value by location
  • Design by an experienced, visionary and specialized Architecture Team
  • Aesthetic and Timeless (does not go out of fashion/old in time) Architectural Design that is not withdrawn and isolated from the surroundings
  • Appeals to all styles by many different options and varieties
  • Modern, Luscious and Prestigious Landscape Architecture and Environment Arrangement
  • İDEAL YAPI/ İDL YAPI Brand and Assurance

Economy and Balance

  • Affordability
  • Compatibility with Bank Housing Loans
  • Best Price – Quality Balance
  • An Attractive Investment Instrument
  • Easy Leasing Ability